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Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Plants and trees are some of the most critical components of our ecosystem. They provide us with fresh air and food and also keep our air clean.

These trees need care in their growth, plantation, management, and cleanliness. Although most trees are helpful for humans, some might become a nuisance, and there may be a need to get rid of them.

How to Spot a Hazardous Tree?

There are some telltale signs associated with hazardous trees. Neglecting these signs and moving along can be pretty dangerous for you, as these dangerous trees can harm you anytime. Here, we have listed six signs that can help you determine whether a tree is harmful or not.

Hanging Limbs and Broken Branches:

A tree with broken hanging limbs indicates that some of its parts will detach soon, or it will fall down entirely by itself.

Dead Limbs:

Like hanging or broken limbs, dead limbs do not have better visibility. However, they keep working as the hidden nemesis of a healthy tree. Suppose they start to decay within the thick foliage. In that case, they will eventually spread to the nearby healthy tissues and destroy them.

Changes Occurring in the Tree Trunk:

Improper pruning of the tees can cause them to grow in a "V" shaped formation instead of the regular "U" shaped formation. For the trees growing in "V" shaped formation, chances are higher than they might split up or break.

Leaning Trees:

Trees that lean over cars, houses, and other properties can come down at any moment, wreaking havoc everywhere. These leaning trees are especially vulnerable to gusty winds, lightning strikes, and storms. These natural calamities can break uproot these trees in an instant, causing them to fall and damage.

Damaged Roots:

Roots play an essential part in the trees, as they help them in fixing the ground. They also provide trees with stability. However, if these roots somehow get damaged, they can become problematic. Mostly, these roots get damaged during construction activities, and this damage may not manifest itself for a long time. Some indications of trees getting damaged are thinning foliage, dead branches, and stunted growth.

Trees having Poor Structure:

The backyard of your home is not an ideal habitat for your tree compared to the forest. Trees growing in the backyard develop broad crowns and a lot of large branches and lower limbs. With this dense canopy and a large number of limbs, the tree can grow weak with time.

How to Cope with these Tree Problems?

People usually tend to ignore tree problems, and they can cause severe consequences later in life. To avoid these problems, it is necessary to hire a tree expert to do an inspection for tree removal or tree trimming. At our tree service, we have the most qualified tree care specialists. We are experts in identifying various tree problems.

Our tree service experts are equipped with all the necessary equipment that is used in the process. Whether the tree is decaying from inside or tilting on its trunk, one of our tree service experts will resolve these problems in no time.

Don't let a tree hazard turn into a headache! Contact us and let us come out and inspect your trees.

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