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Cherry Blossom Tree Grow Kit: A Touch of Japanese Elegance for Your Garden

Delight in the ethereal beauty of Cherry Blossoms, a symbol of renewal and hope, celebrated in Japanese culture through art and festivals. Now, you can cultivate this iconic blossom right in your own yard or garden with our Cherry Blossom Tree Grow Kit.


Experience Your Personal Cherry Blossom Festival:

Each spring, prepare to be enchanted by a profusion of white-to-pink flowers, transforming your garden into a picturesque scene reminiscent of Japan's famed Cherry Blossom Festivals. Our kit brings the magic of two different cherry blossom varieties to life.


Where Can You Grow Cherry Blossoms?

  • Region: Best suited for USDA Hardiness Zones 5-8, perfect for many areas across the United States.
  • Soil: Prefers well-drained, fertile soil with a neutral to slightly acidic pH.
  • Sunlight: Requires full sun to partial shade for optimal growth and blooming.


Product Details:

  • Origin: Made in the United States.
  • Weight: Lightweight at just 4 oz (113.4 g).


Eco-Conscious and Sustainable:

  • Packaging: Both recyclable and made from recycled materials, reflecting our commitment to the environment.
  • Materials: We use biodegradable, compostable, nontoxic, and reusable resources.
  • Sourcing: Our Cherry Blossom seeds are sustainably sourced, ensuring responsible environmental stewardship.


Embrace the serene beauty and cultural significance of Cherry Blossoms with our easy-to-use Grow Kit. It's more than just a tree; it's a celebration of nature's delicate beauty and a nod to a rich cultural tradition. Add this kit to your garden collection and be part of the Cherry Blossom legacy.

Cherry Blossom | Tree Grow Kit

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Embrace spring's bloom with this Cherry Blossom Grow Kit. Perfect for adding a touch of pink to your garden and enjoying your very own cherry blossom season at home!

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