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“Wrapping up July: Tree Care Reflections and Looking Ahead”

Tree care

As we wave goodbye to July, we're embracing the last month of summer and all the growth and greenery it has to offer. Here at New Horizons Tree Service, we want to help you navigate the transition from summer to fall while ensuring your trees remain in optimal health. Let's reflect on the work we've done this month and prepare for what's to come.

Tree Care in July

July, often the peak of summer, has brought with it intense heat and, for some, periods of dryness or, contrastingly, sudden downpours. This unpredictable weather can place a great deal of stress on our leafy friends. However, with our collective efforts in watering, mulching, and careful summer pruning, we hope your trees have remained resilient, vibrant, and in full leaf.

Preparing for August

As we transition into August, there are some vital tree care steps to keep in mind:

  1. Continue Regular Watering: While we might start to experience cooler days, it's important to continue watering your trees, especially younger ones, to help them thrive. If August turns out to be a dry month, consider watering mature trees too.

  2. Stay Vigilant for Pests and Disease: Late summer can bring with it an array of pests and diseases. Regularly check your trees for any signs of infestation or illness—early detection is key to effective treatment.

  3. Plan for Fall Pruning: While many trees benefit from summer pruning, some species do better with a fall trim. Start planning for this now; identify any branches that may need to come down in the cooler months.

  4. Enjoy Your Trees: This might seem obvious, but amidst all the care and maintenance, don't forget to take the time to appreciate the shade, beauty, and wildlife your trees provide.

Looking Forward

As we prepare to bid summer goodbye and welcome fall, it's important to start thinking about how the changing seasons affect your trees. From preparing for leaf fall to safeguarding against early frosts, we'll be here to guide you every step of the way.

At New Horizons Tree Service, we’re committed to helping you ensure that your trees remain healthy, safe, and beautiful, no matter the season. We look forward to continuing this journey with you in August and beyond.

Stay tuned to our blog for more tips, tricks, and advice on tree care. Here's to a wonderful end of July and an even better August!

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